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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Responsive jQuery the wing of the Spring

This blog is the First of 2014 Series but certainly would not keep its agenda to Salesforce. It is about a book which I read, A book which have given me a shied of  fist fight with IE. This was my 2nd review of a book which I did. Let me guide you through the experience which you will get after reading the book.. 

To be very honest! at first it gave me a feeling of too much referencive and quoted book.I felt not reading it at front, then slowly I realized that this chapter was more of putting lights towards the jQuery responsivenss. The chapter explains the actual need of the mobile first concept design. It explains the advantages and the need of the adaptations of wireframes through the web development. 

Through the context of the book, it followed Pragmatic Apporach, the book is embedded with the core of responsive development. It startes Chapter 2 with the basic defining template for web design, the responive grid based layout is the one which I love.The Author well understoods that the reader would find the book better when they are defined with their needs. At every place I have found that the urgency of the techniques is well explained before the acutal moulded concepts.

As the Book is generic for the developers in j Query and Web Design, It keeps on explaining about the various nut and bolts of Web Design added jQuery touch to it. Transverse through the content you would find that the chapter 3 - 8 is expelling all of responsiveness, what so ever you have done as a normal developer , the need of the change and the adaptability and finally the achievement through code is well explained. Chapter following 8 are more of debugging and testing of the adaptable beauty which you created.

More added to it are the ways to analyze the web sites in order to find useful information and develop the websites more prefect.buy 

There are highly mature examples in the Book, I suggest you Do Not Try this at Home without experience. Else, you would end up my way of starting in the IST Working Time and ending with the PST Time Zone. 

I find that any audience reading my blog or going through the book will have a good journey throughout and definitely they would have certainly something to shout about. .. 

If you are planning to buy this book , I believe that you want yourself into J Query , Responsiveness. 

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